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Technological Advancements That Have Aided Healthcare

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

In the past few years, technology has developed leaps and bounds. Even in the field of medicine, the contributions of technology has been undeniably huge. Some of the breakthrough inventions of the medical technology are wearable technology, nanotechnology, molecular profiling, genetic profiling, genomics, medical profiling and the most popular of them all, the proton technology. 

Wearable medical technology is nothing but a wearable monitor that keeps a track of an individual's heart rate, calories intake and burning, steps and exercise tracking, blood pressure, biochemical release. They also help in health risk assessment and long term monitoring of patients with heart and circulatory problems. 

Proton technology, which is now broadly used by many hospitals and health care centres, is considered a better replacement for radiation therapy as it deposits much less radiation in the tissues that are not being targeted. This is done through the pencil beam scanning therapy. The technology moves a proton beam of pencil - point sharpness on the layers of the tumour and paints the tumour with radiation in 3 dimensions. The precision makes this an ideal treatment for tumours that are located next to any critical organ or tissue. 
Technology has been a boon to the medical fraternity as they save more lives.

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