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This episode of “Future of Health” by Apollo Hospitals talks about the use of technology and how it turned out to be the biggest game changer for the Indian Healthcare Industry.

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This episode of “Future of Health” by Apollo Hospitals talks about the use of technology and how it turned out to be the biggest game changer for the Indian Healthcare Industry. 

The technological advancements are changing and upgrading daily and this generation cannot live without depending on it. Today, different technologies impact our lives in different ways. It is being implemented in almost every aspect of our lives and the sky is the limit to technological developments in Indian Healthcare. 

With these advancements the physicians can diagnose and treat their patients better. Due to the continuous development countless lives have been saved and a lot of improvement can be seen in the quality of life. Technology has eliminated distance as an inhibitor in the Indian Healthcare Industry. 

“It has made a great impact in the quality of surgeries and naturally their benefits pass down to the patients. The improvement in technology has made the surgeon to be very precise, avoid excessive bloodshed and avoid tissue damage. For the patients this result in precise surgical outcome, fast healing, limited or no blood loss and rapid recovery.  Technology has been of immense benefit to the patients as well as surgeons.”- Dr. K. Krishna Kumar (Senior Ent Consultant, Head of Department ENT, Apollo Specialty Hospitals.

If you compare the trend of technological advancement versus the lives saved, you will find with each passing decade, the lives lost due to diseases kept getting lower with the growth and advancement in the field of technology. All the diseases that we know today are diagnosed with the help of technology, in fact, all segments of medicine like the prevention, the detection or the cure rely solely on the technology.  

Such was a story of Vikas, who was shot by a man in middle of the road and was rushed to the nearby nursing home. The doctors there did the first aid and he was profusely bleeding and had suffered multiple transfusions. Later he was shifted to Apollo Hospitals where they did his CT scan to locate the bullet, which damaged the artery of his kidney. The doctors performed an angiogram since at that stage the patient could not undergo a surgery as he was in a critical condition. Dr. Khanna informed the patient’s family about the leakage in the artery and about the implementation of stents. The doctors used the most advanced equipment’s to operate the patient without damaging his kidney.

In the recent past, technology has grown leaps and bounds and some of the technological advancements or breakthroughs in medical includes Wearable technology, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Mobility, Molecular Profiling, Genetic Profiling, Genomics, Medical Profiling, and Proton Technology. 

Technology has been a real game changer and is helping not just in the diagnosis but also in the treatment and various kind of vaccines adds just another feather in the cap of the medical fraternity. Because of the development of these brilliant innovations, the doctors continue to find ways to improve their practice.

Watch the video to know more about the changes in the healthcare sector due to technological advancements.  

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