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Why Do We Need To Focus On Preventive Healthcare?

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Healthcare has come a long way in the last decade with the emergence of large hospital chains and also the technological advancements. Yet, medical facilities seem to be insufficient for the huge population of India. India’s population constitutes one-third of the entire world population. It is much more than the population of any European or American country. 

India stands to be the capital of diabetes and heart diseases in the world, and diabetes in itself is a chronic ailment which causes many diseases, mostly related to the heart. 
The situation could be much worse in the future, where the cost of healthcare will also go up.

Hence, it becomes very important to focus on preventive healthcare. A lot of campaigns are  initiated by government and private hospitals to create an awareness about preventive healthcare, like Apollo’s Billion Hearts campaign which engages people to quit smoking and take a small step towards a healthy lifestyle and a healthy future. The goal for the future is to think healthy, eat healthy and live healthy. 

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