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Behtar India Go Green City Summits Move To Enga Chennai On 10th October, 2018

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

After an impactful summit in the city of Hyderabad, the Behtar India Go Green Summits is now geared up to enter the city of Chennai.

After Manna Hyderabad, the Behtar India Go Green Summits is now making its way into the city of Chennai. Chennai has successfully recycled 40,378.66 KGS of newspapers adding to the whole South collection of 1,91,652.16 KGS. Shree Niketan Patasala, the top performing school of Chennai, won the chance of hosting the summit by recycling 16,834.5 KGS.

The discussion revolves around much bigger and larger city-specific problems and their possible solutions. Top corporate officials, individuals, and change-makers will come together to discuss, brainstorm and churn out relevant solutions for a greener, healthier and clean Chennai.

The Behtar India Campaign is an initiative that aims at bringing together schools, students, corporates and citizens towards discussing the problems and solutions with an aim to build a sustainable environment and future. The campaign invites schools to participate in this noble initiative and recycle the maximum amount of paper. The objective is to catalyze progressive action towards a sustainable India, a Behtar India, through work in the fields of health, environment, and hygiene.

So Chennai, are you ready to participate and take Enga Chennai to the top of the Behtar India Go Green City Summits list this year? We are coming to your city on 10th October, 2018.