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Corporate Organizations: Another Pillar That Drove The Behtar India Campaign To New Heights

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

The Behtar India Campaign is an initiative taken by DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance to make India a better country by focusing on the three main aspects - Health, Hygiene, and Environment with Recycling as its central theme. Till now, Behtar India has managed to get 8,07,452 KGS of waste recycled, therefore creating a colossal impact.

The Season 2 of Behtar India campaign has now reached its final stage, The Grand Finale. This season has been a huge success due to the contribution and the efforts of people involved in this campaign from different walks of life. This is an initiative which brings people together from various segments of the society towards making their cities cleaner, greener and healthier.900+ Schools along with 11,00,000 students in 200+ cities participated in this campaign and 9 companies had adopted this initiative as corporate social responsibility (CSR) endeavor.

Talking about corporates, the organizations that pledged to participate in this initiative put in their maximum efforts by aiding campaign with the provision of funds and also by coming up new and unique ideas to tackle the environment related issues, thus, making the campaign bigger and better. So, corporate organizations like hero Cycles, Dabur, Xiaomi, Phillips and many others, came in to do their bits in terms of what special they could do at the ground.

India generates more than 1,00,000 metric tons of solid waste every day, 70% of the waste is recyclable but we recycle under 30% and recycling 1,00,000 KGS of paper can save up to

  • 17 trees
  • 24,000 liters of water
  • 9 barrels of oil
  • It can further save up to a month’s electricity for 44 households
  • Eliminate 27 KGS of air pollutants
  • 81 cubic yards of landfill space.

Through Behtar India, we have managed to recycle 8,07,452 KGS of paper waste resulting in creation of 8 times this impact. The employees in the corporate organizations took it on themselves to come up with better and unique ideas which would contribute to this social initiative. Corporates like Bakeys, came up with idea of edible cutlery which mainly focuses to raise the demand for millets in order to save water, thereby also reducing the use of plastics. Another organization, Paterson Energy, uses Thermochemical Depolymerization Technology which accepts all kinds of plastics and converts it into fuel which is a diesel variant and has various applications in the industry, thus, leading to reduce, reuse and recycle of waste in the country.

This campaign is a contest for schools and students, a CSR activity for the employees, a social service for individuals, an amplification tool for the municipal corporations and for the under-privileged children, it is an opportunity to receive free health benefits. It is an overall upliftment of the society that comes together to discuss and make possible, a Behtar India.

The Behtar India Campaign is an initiative that aims at bringing together schools, students, corporates and citizens towards discussing the problems and solutions with an aim to build a sustainable environment and future. The objective is to catalyze progressive action towards a sustainable India, a Behtar India, through work in the fields of health, environment, and hygiene.