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#BehtarIndiaFinale: Rewarding The National Champions Of "Swasthya"

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

The Behtar India Grand Finale took place earlier this week, on 28th February 2019 to reward the good doers for their constant efforts that they put in to make this campaign a success thereby creating an impact on their cities’ environmental conditions. This occasion brought all the participating schools, students, authorities and corporates together to appreciate and acknowledge their hard work.

The Managing Director & Editor of Republic TV, Mr. Arnab Goswami, was also present at the event. He laid emphasis on making this world a better place for the current and the future generations and promoted sustainable development in his keynote address. Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee (Director General & CEO at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs) was also called upon the stage to give away the awards to the winners.

The moderator, Ritika Jhanji Jagtiani then took the stage to begin the next segment of award distribution in the category of ‘Swasthya.’ In this category the participants focused on Behtar Swasthya, an endeavor to provide promotive, preventive and curative healthcare to the entire community and specifically to the under privileged children. This was possible by creating awareness and informing people about the health hazards of dengue. Additionally, the people reached out also contributed Rs. 300 each to provide dengue prevention kits to the under-privileged children.

The kit consists of three things:

a. Mosquito borne diseases prevention workshop by a local NGO

b. Mosquito repellents to tide over the monsoon period

c. Dengue treatment cover worth Rs 23,000 valid for a period of one year

Thus, the schools that managed to provide the greatest number of dengue prevention kits and helped a greater number of people to fight against this kind of diseases became the National Champions.

The winner in the category, ‘Swasthya’ was:

  • Cathedral and John Connon Middle School, Fort

The 1st runners up in the same category were:

  • Modern School, Barakhamba Road
  • Welham Boys' School

The 2nd runners up were:

  • The Assam Valley School, Tezpur
  • Sanskriti - The Gurukul
  • Tarapore School, Agrico Road

The student who won the title of “National Champion” in the category of ‘Swasthya’ was:

  • Sai Arjun Shroff (Modern School, Barakhamba Road)

The students who were the 1st runners up were:

  • Ruhi Raghavan (Cathedral and John Connon Middle School, Fort)
  • Aashman Sarin and Mehul Aggarwal (Modern School, Barakhamba Road)

The students who were 2nd runners up in the same category were:

  • Anushka Reshamwala, Kartikeya Daiya, Soha Aggarwal, Jehaan Shah and Ananya Tawakley (Cathedral and John Connon Middle School, Fort)
  • Rishabh Suar (KIIT International School)

Also, there was an exceptional winner in the category of Swasthya, Ishita Mangla (DPS, R K puram) who won the title of ‘National Champion Runner up (Swasthya)’.

This campaign has been successful due to the efforts put in by the students, schools, coordinators, corporates and even individuals. The unique format not only helped the government to provide promotive as well as preventive healthcare to the community, but also ensured quality healthcare and behavioral changes in the fields of hygiene and environment.