Behtar India

Today's Kids Work For A Better Tomorrow For You, Me And Our Country

Written By | Mumbai | Published:

 As part of the Behtar India Campaign, students across the country have been closely working in the areas of health, hygiene and environment. With recycling being the theme of this year, these students have made and seen the impact of recycling as much paper as they could in their respective cities.

This Independence Day, hear it from the leaders of tomorrow about their vision of achieving true freedom through a Behtar India.

The Behtar India campaign enables different segments of society to work together, towards getting tangible results on the ground. It empowers people and organisations to act at the local level and yet make a global impact.

The Behtar India campaign has been conceptualized by DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company and is being jointly implemented by DHFL Pramerica team, Republic TV, and Charities Aid Foundation, India.