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Watch Bengaluru Go Green At The Behtar India City Summit

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The Behtar India Go Green City Summits started its journey with the first destination being Bangalore on 2nd August 2018. The top-performing school Vidyashilp Academy hosted the Behtar India Go Green City Summit.
 The panel discussion and performances helped greatly in throwing light on the city-specific environment-related issues. The panelists belonged to diverse backgrounds of corporate, education and development sector thereby making the discussion more comprehensive. Suja Warrier from Infosys, one of the panelists, suggested:

“I want to add one more R into the 3R’s of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle, i.e. "Refuse".

The Behtar India Go Green City Summits is an initiative that aims at bringing together schools, students, corporates and citizens towards discussing the problems and solutions with an aim to build a sustainable environment and future. The objective is to catalyse progressive action towards a sustainable India, a Behtar India, through work in the fields of health, environment, and hygiene.
The campaign has just begun and has a lot more to look forward to with the coming summits. Stringing together the leaders of both today and tomorrow, the initiative empowers people and organizations to act at the local level and yet make a global impact.
We look forward to the Kolkata summit happening on 4th September 2018.