SPONSORED CONTENT: The Story Of A Child Suffering From Hunger And Starvation While She Struggles To Look After Her Younger Brother

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I was very little when my Mummy and Daddy, along with me and my baby brother, shifted to a place called ‘Dabri Extension’ in New Delhi. It’s where I live with my family; it’s where my friends live with their families. Our houses were puny, roofs were made of tarpaulin shades, and most of the times the food plates were empty. I used to ask my mummy, “Will you give me food today if I behave myself and don’t do mischief?” The day our stomachs were fed would be the happiest and it came rare.

My parents worked as rag pickers at the garbage dump near my little house. Mummy gave me the responsibility of my brother, so I used to look after him when they were gone. We wandered around the area to play, and sometimes we were lucky enough to find a toy or left-over food. My brother and I used to spend the whole day waiting for our Mummy and Daddy to come home. They would sometimes return with a bowl of rice, but that didn’t happen always. Most of the times, we would sleep drinking just a glass of water.

One day a Didi came to our house and my life changed forever. She encouraged my mother to enroll me in a local school. I started my school and initially felt very shy but now I have made friends. I, now, not only am getting an education but I also get to eat good food, thanks to ‘Rise Against Hunger India’. I am able to eat one meal every day; I feel happy and energetic. I will always be thankful to them and appreciate what I am getting as I know what it is like to starve. Someday, with all the knowledge that I am getting, I will become a teacher.”

Kareena is only one of those million kids who are still starving to death and need nourishment. It is heartbreaking to see that the children are stuck in the vicious circle of life. But thanks to ‘Rise against hunger India’ who is doing applaud worthy job by feeding the poor children and providing them the education. This NGO is an international hunger relief organization that provides food and life-changing aid to the extremely poor section of our society. Their aim is to end hunger and starvation from the roots by 2030. As noble the cause is, the numbers, however, are too many. They need help to feed and nourish the lives of as many Kareenas as they can. Our act of donation will be the first chapter these kids will learn – humanity.

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Disclaimer: This article is written by Ketto. Republic TV has published this article on humanitarian considerations after carrying out basic due diligence as to the genuineness of the fundraising process. An intending donor is requested to visit the fundraiser's website, for more clarity and then contribute as per their free will and discretion.

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