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Great Indian Institutes Season 2 - Annapurna International School Of Film And Media, Hyderabad

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Great Indian Institutes – Season 2’, an initiative by Great Place to Study is a series of deciphering the best institutes of knowledge across the length and breadth of India.

This episode showcases Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad and talks about its perseverance to attain a global reputation for excellence in film and media education in India.

Here's a message from the director of AISFM, Ms. Amala Akkineni:

"The entertainment industry caters to every walk of life, without distinction. Everyone wants to sit back and enjoy good creative content be it music, film or TV. And now with digital platforms delivering individual choice of creative content when , where and how one prefers it, the job opportunities are immense. It's a great time to work in this industry , for any one with the creative bent of mind, who is passionate, innovative, adaptable, and has a skill or craft to be noticed. The rapid speed at which one can grow and achieve one's dreams is what sets it apart from any other.

Well, we are a small institution with big dreams. The challenge is always to spread the word out there to students across India and the world - that we exist and we offer a great educational experience.

Our approach is to acknowledgement both a combination of achievement and learning. We discuss failure with as much enthusiasm as success and give equal weightage to passion, professional behaviour, team work and social responsibility. The culture extends to both employees and students and this ensures a very positive climate. We encourage efforts that lead to both mistakes and success without discrimination. Mistakes are our greatest teachers and it's better they learn how and why mistakes happen here, before they go out into the world." 

Ms Amala Akkineni, Director AISFM

"My message to my students is to be open to learn as much as you can and practice relentlessly. Always be ready for opportunity. Learn to listen and communicate powerfully . Learn to focus and stay away from distractions as this can drain your energy. No one wants a distracted member of a team who is closed minded works isolation and has not made effort to perfect their skill. Attitude cannot be taught, everything else can. Finally, it's not the gold medal that will make you succeed, it's your attitude."

Also, watch this to know about AISFM empowering students to be creative beyond boundaries & exposing them to the world of cinema.
Click the link to watch the full episode of Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad that was broadcasted on Republic TV a few weeks back.