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Great Indian Institutes Season 2 - Presidency University, Bengaluru

Written By Hetvi Karia | Mumbai | Published:

'Great Indian Institutes - Season 2', an initiative by Great Place to Study, is a series deciphering the best institutes of knowledge across the length and breadth of India.

One of the institutes featured in the season premiere was the Presidency University in Bengaluru. The episode illustrates the institute's vision to be a world-class university and the state-of-the-art facility at its 60-acre campus.

Watch the episode above to know about the various opportunities offered by the institute to students for their professional well-being, based on which it has been honoured as the "Best University of The Year - South 2018" by ASSOCHAM.

Watch the full profile of the Presidency University, Bengaluru, that was broadcast on Great Indian Institutes - season 2 on Republic TV.

Here's a message from Mr Nissar Ahmed, chancellor of the Presidency University in Bengaluru:

" Higher education in India is in a state of dynamic evolution. No more is it seen as a one of static import. The focus on families of ensuring quality education to their children is single-minded. We witness children of economically backward families reaching the pinnacle of success. Higher education is now within the reach of one and all.

We at Presidency University take pride in having an Admission Policy that encourages students to join it irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race or gender. We strictly adhere to the Equal Opportunity to the student community at large. Through our Scholarship Policy we ensure social justice.

We at Presidency University believe firmly that education is a treasure that belongs to the future generation and it the paramount duty of the present generation to ensure that they enjoy the benefits that enure of it."

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