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Great Indian Schools | Cygnus World School, Vadodara

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The season 2 of Great Indian schools – an initiative by Great Place To Study is on a quest to discover the greatest schools in India.

This episode talks about Cygnus World School, Vadodara and their belief that education is an exhilarating, interactive, life long experience and can be complete only when it is multi-faceted.


Cygnus World School is a new-age, co-educational school with modern academic, co-curricular and sports facilities. Spread across 7.3 acres of land, the school's green campus is modelled like an educational village. This is no age of chalk and talk and so the curriculum of Cygnus world school offers hands on experience to its students. Initiatives like Kriya and iPad labs teach the students a new way of learning and interacting with studies. Their mission is to offer an academic programme which ignites curiosity, fires the ability to reason and question in our children and helps develop in them skills and attitudes that they will retain throughout their lives.

“Cygnus is an educational village and we strongly believe that learning cannot take place within the restricted four walls of a class room. It takes place everywhere, on the football field, on the basketball court, on the skating ring, the broad corridors, the play area, the sitting area, everywhere. Academic excellence blended with art, craft and ample number of co-curricular activities like sports, community services, life skills and a lot of value education helps us to provide holistic, qualitative and child centered education.” - Kanchan Joshi (Principal, Cygnus World School)

Education beyond the classroom -

Apart from academics the school also provides wide gamut of extra-curricular activities such as digital arts, public speaking, pottery, vocabulary exercises and more. The school has integrated the best from international and contemporary Indian pedagogical practices and have put in place an innovative, progressive and challenging academic framework.

Watch the video to know more about Cygnus World School, Vadodara.