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Great Indian Schools | Future Foundation School | Education That Impacts Every Sphere Of Human Life

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The season 2 of Great Indian schools – an initiative by Great place To Study is on a quest to discover the greatest schools in India.

This episode unfolds the story of Future Foundation school which focuses on essential aspects of personality: the physical, the vital, the mental, the psychic and the spiritual.


Founded on the principles and guided by the light of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, this school aims to foster an environment which acts as driver for personality development. The students in this school are prepared for ICSE examination and are also provided with career counseling. The teachings are based on themes, projects and seminars. Based in Kolkata, this school focuses more on mindfulness in this era of toxicity.

“The teaching of Sri Aurobindo as a light to education is something deeper than just what some might call moral education or value-based education, it's far more comprehensive philosophy of education that impacts on every sphere of human life. We develop nationalism in a way that is neither sectarian nor parochial, but we impart in seeing in children the sense that they stand for a nobler destiny and if they can fulfill themselves, their own possibilities and potentialities, then they can uphold and give an additional meaning to the evolution of the world.” - Ranjan Mitter (Principal, The Future Foundation School)

Education beyond the classroom -

This school trains the senses of the children through various genres. Students can choose from plenty of activities like Photography, Chess, Creative Dance, Western Vocals, Violin and Visual Arts to name a few. Unlike other schools the plethora of options help in yielding creative senses in the individual and provides them with apt exposure for their personality development.

Watch the full episode of Future Foundation School and find out why it made it to the list of Great Indian Schools.