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Great Indian Schools | Peepal Prodigy School

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The season 2 of Great Indian schools – an initiative by Great Place To Study is on a quest to discover the greatest schools in India.

This episode shows the journey of Peepal Prodigy School and how it became the best CBSE school in Coimbatore.


Making learning experiential, enriching yet burden free is the motto of this school in Coimbatore. Peepal education is about bringing the best learning practices across the globe, wrapped up in a stress free and child centric environment. This school allows students to define success on their own terms and find accomplishments that are unique. Established in 2013, this school believes, the most ideal approach is to enable kids to answer the questions on their own.

“The way the education in different parts of the world is completely different and we felt that there is something we missed grossly in India and the gap we found is a child friendly school or a stress friendly school or the way we need to understand the leaning style was all slightly missing in our education system and we found that as a gap and we thought we could make a school to address the gap.” - K. Kumaraguru (Founding Director, Peepal Prodigy School)

Education beyond the classroom -

Being a child centric school, Peepal Prodigy endeavors to do away with the monotony of rote learning and focus on all round development of a child. The school also has art and craft, agriculture, outdoor sports, Robotics, Scouts and Silambam as its acitvities.

Watch the video of Peepal Prodigy School to know more about why and how it became the #1 CBSE school in Coimbatore.