Har Ek Boond: Fixing Leaking Taps To Fix The Future

Har Ek Boond

Abid Surti has been setting an example for every individual who is yet to make a contribution towards the cause of water conservation. Here's his story:

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Octogenarian Abid Surti exemplifies the saying that you are never too young or too old for success or going after what you want. At the age of 84, the Mumbai-based Water Warrior has found a unique yet simple counter to the water crisis in India. The people of this country have been negligent about the wastage of water.  We often ignore the leaking faucets in our household until it becomes a major problem. These leaking taps waste over 1000 liters of water per month. Here’s where Abid Surti and his Drop-Dead Foundation come into play. 

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Abid Surti – The water fixer 

There are many people across India, who don’t have proper access to clean water. For a major part of the Indian population, the main source of water is tankers, that cost a large amount or water bodies that are quite far from the places they live in. Abid Surti understands the importance of every drop of water, belonging to a family, where women had to travel kilometers to avail drinking water. He has taken up the initiative to make people aware of the damage that one leaking faucet can cause. Every week, Surti and his team consisting of a plumber and a volunteer can be seen travelling around Mira Road in Mumbai asking people if they have leaking faucets back home. They go to numerous housing societies to ensure that there are no broken taps in the area. Abid Surti goes to every society in Mira Road on Mondays, explains the society in charges about his initiative, puts up posters about water conservation and comes by on Sunday to fix faucets, free of cost.  

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What drives Surti is his determination and belief in making a change. He reminisces that when he thought of starting the Drop-Dead Foundation, he had to consider the finances that will be involved. Around the same time, he received a cash prize for his literary work. Surti believes it is destiny that got him so close to the cause that he wanted to work for. An author, cartoonist, and an activist, Surti sets an example that anyone can take up the responsibility of conserving water.  

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Each one of you can take charge of making every drop of water count. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge to make a difference.  Log on to www.republicworld.com. You can also give a missed call on 1800120887788 

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By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water