Garvita Gulhati, The 15-year-old Who Revolutionized Water Management

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Garvita Gulhati, a Bengaluru based environmentalist has a unique counter to the country’s water scarcity. She is changing mindsets with her team at 'Why Waste?'

Written By Debolina Datta | Mumbai | Updated On:

India is facing one of it’s worst water crisis. And it's high time that each individual takes a stand and contributes in water conservation. Being one of the front-runners of India’s young changemakers, Garvita Gulhati, a Bengaluru based environmentalist has a unique counter to the country’s water scarcity. At the age of 20, she is a pioneer in water management and is changing mindsets of millions through her organization, ‘Why Waste?’. 

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‘Why Waste?’ is an international organization founded by Garvita. It’s a team of like-minded youth who are promoting a positive mindset about water on a global scale, with innovative education and ideas that bring about a systematic change. The members of the organization go to hotels across the country and ask the management to ensure that the customers have their glasses only half full. This is to send across the message about the importance of a small glass of water and the difference a glass half full can make. According to reports, each customer wastes around 200 ml on every visit to a restaurant leading to a wastage of 14 million liters every year. With this initiative, cutting back on just half the glass, one can save a million liters of water. Garvita Gulhati and her team of schoolmates have successfully led the ‘Glass Half Full’ campaign with a reach over 1 lakh restaurants across the country. Garvita Gulhati is one of the Ashoka Changemakers and has many accolades to her name for her initiatives to make a positive impact.  

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Garvita believes in creating a large change through small efforts. One such effort is this initiative that started out with her being shunned out of restaurants because of her age. Today, the customers at these hotels are also happy to see that there is a step being taken towards water management. The idea of having a #GlassHalfFull is also to remind people that there is still hope left and more involvement can help us be a water sufficient country again.  

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By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water