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Governments & NGOs Work Collectively To Solve India’s Water Crisis: Watch Har Ek Boond

In this episode of Har Ek Boond, we focus on the collective efforts of government & NGOs to solve the growing issue of water scarcity in our country.

Water is one of the most essential elements for life on Earth to function and is equally important for humans & animals. The entire Earth consists of 71% water, out of which only a small percentage is drinkable freshwater. However, due to rising levels of pollution, water resources are rapidly depleting.  It is, therefore, imperative that we save & conserve water. In this episode of Har Ek Boond, we focus on various organizations' collective efforts to solve the growing issue of water scarcity in our country.

Dr. Dharmendra Gill is the MD & CEO of Shimla Jal Prabhandan Ltd. He is also the chief engineer in the Jal Shakti Ministry and a water & wastewater sector engineer with over three decades of experience in the state irrigation & public health department. Dr. Gill is predominantly known for his exceptional work in Shimla. He is a water expert who is finding solutions to make India a water adequate nation.

" With regards to the on-going pandemic, COVID-19 has been a significant challenge as far as the water supply is concerned. In India, most of the water supplies are intermittent and often need manual intervention to regulate the tanks & critical nodes. Sending workers on the field was one of the many setbacks that we faced during the lockdown. The other major challenge was disinfecting the water during the early days of the pandemic. It was difficult to determine the COVID-19 virus was susceptible to general water disinfection methods." says Dr. Gill, MD & CEO, Shimla Jal Prabhandan Ltd. while highlighting the issue of how COVID-19 has affected India's water crisis.

United Way of Bengaluru is a local chapter of United Way Worldwide that works towards improving people's lives by identifying and addressing challenges related to education, healthcare, and livelihood in and around Bengaluru. The NGO has been actively working on two major campaigns, 'Wake the Lake' and 'Born Learning.' Through their ' Wake the Lake' campaign, the organization has managed to restore various lakes like Kaikondrahalli lake, Agara lake, Chinnappanahalli lake, Halasur lake, Uttarahalli lake, and Yelahanka lake. They provide intervention by getting stakeholders together to use their expertise, funding, and technology application in restoring the quality of water in the lake by freeing it of effluents and pollutants. Representing the NGO was Rajesh Krishnan, Executive Director, United Way of Bengaluru.

“The campaign is very simple, it is about building community movement and luckily for us in the city of Bengaluru, we have a civil society the is fairly advanced, fairly forward-looking & extremely supportive in social causes. They like to pick up these causes & get involved. So, if at all we have survived this last 10 – 12 years in supporting this initiative, I would unhesitatingly give a large portion of credit to the creative members, the civil society members, volunteers, the city corporation & of course the political & corporate stakeholders without whose support this wouldn’t be possible.” says Rajesh Krishnan, Executive Director, United Way of Bengaluru.

Dr. Paras Prakash is the Head of the pharmacology department at Baddi University and the Director of Pantellisense Pvt. Ltd. When it comes to rural & urban development, Dr. Prakash gives utmost importance to water conservation. He believes in creative & artistic ways of spreading awareness to win over hearts. Therefore, he composed a beautiful song on water conservation called 'Boondein.'  The music speaks about the integral part water plays in an individual's life. Throughout the episode Dr. Prakash shared his views and knowledgeable insights with the viewers on water conservation. He also emphasised the use of creativity & art to spread awareness on conserving water.  

The entire episode was an insightful discussion that highlighted the various measures undertaken by government & non-government organizations to solve India's water scarcity. As human beings, it is our responsibility to conserve water and prevent water pollution. It's time we act responsibly and save water as every drop counts. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge & become a water hero now by logging on to or give a missed call to 1800-120-887788.

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