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Har Ek Boond Celebrating Water Rejuvenators Across India

Water rejuvenators across India talk about their projects on cleaning water bodies and reviving natural bodies in different parts of the country, watch to know:

Water is one of the most necessary elements for the survival of human beings and all other living organisms, in and out of water bodies. However, today, a severe scarcity of water looms over many major cities and states of India. With time, the water bodies are falling short in meeting the demands of the ever-growing population.

Another major cause of the water crisis is also the depleting quality of water in several freshwater bodies across the country. According to a NITI Aayog report, 70% of India’s surface water bodies are polluted. A huge sect of the population in India is deprived of clean drinking water, as the quantity and quality of water deplete at a staggering rate. Many water heroes are working towards projects that focus on cleaning or rejuvenating water bodies.

Raman Kant Tyagi (Nadiputra)

Ramankant Tyagi is a believer that any change can be brought about if there is the right kind of awareness amongst the population. He is the founder of NEER Foundation, which is a non-profit organization solely focused on spreading awareness about the condition of water bodies, and the need for steps that should be taken for environmental preservation. One of NEER’s recent projects includes NEER NAARI. Women are mostly involved in chores that involve generous amounts of water. Ramakant believes that if these people are aware of the optimal usage of water, there is a chance for us to avoid the water crisis in the future.

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NEER Foundation has been actively involved in cleaning and rejuvenation of water bodies across the state. They also focus on rainwater harvesting, as it is one of the most cost-effective and useful measure for storing rainwater. The organization has worked on over 175 rainwater harvesting systems or pits. Prabhjot Singh Sodhi, who has been working hand in hand with Raman Kant on his projects, believes that these organizations need the support of the government for a wider reach.

Malhar Kalambe

Malhar Kalambe, is a youth icon because of his organization, Beach Please. The organization is working towards cleaning numerous water bodies in the city of Mumbai. The project of cleaning up areas of the Meethi river or the major Dadar beach clean-up started as a weekend activity for only Malhar and his friends. Today, the number of volunteers for Beach Please has gone up and the revolutionary work of cleaning the beaches across Mumbai has spread manifolds.

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Rejuvenating water bodies have a huge impact on the environment as a whole because, there is scope for water plantation, breeding of aquatic life, and also an improvement in the quality of air. All these movements, however, depend heavily on public participation. The only way to save earth today is by contributing an optimal amount of time and effort to these projects.

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