Har Ek Boond | ExNoRa Helping Chennai In Reversing Water Crisis

Har Ek Boond

Water Hero, MB Nirmal believes that proper water management can save Chennai from water crisis as the city has more than enough water bodies.

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In the past decade, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has faced severe flooding, worst of them in 2015 and 2019. However, despite the excessive rainfall, Chennai remains majorly water stressed. According to experts, the crisis that the city faced in the last few years would not have persisted, had the people been aware of the importance of rainwater harvesting. There is a major need for the administration to implement policies that ensure water conservation in every household. Chennai has four main reservoirs that act as a major source of water in the city, Poondi, Cholavaram, Redhills and Chembarambakkam. These reservoirs provide almost 200 million liters of water per day to the population of Chennai. In the year 2019, these reservoirs did not receive enough water leading to a major scarcity of water across Chennai.  

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Despite government laws, the people of Chennai remain negligent of the urgent need of water conservation. Water activists state that Chennai did not have to face such water scarcity in the previous decades because there was more greenery across the city and most households had open well and tubewells. The greenery in the city ensured the maintenance of water tables. Keeping in mind, the importance of rainwater, the Tamil Nadu government has made rainwater harvesting and similar water catchment systems mandatory in all the households. Chennai’s water bodies have reduced to 28 in 2017 from 60 in 1893. Rapid urbanization and illegal encroachment have led to the depletion of the water bodies affecting millions of lives.  

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MB Nirmal’s EXNORA making a huge difference with water management 

According to MB Nirmal, the founder of EXNORA, Chennai and its neighboring areas have over 6000 lakes which ideally should ensure no water scarcity in the city. However, due to poor management, the water table is depleting, and the city continues to be under major threat of water scarcity. EXNORA International collaborates with Government organizations and departments to help them in their initiatives related to water management. The members of the organization have organized regular plantation drives across the city to ensure water percolation. Planting saplings and trees is a method to sustain the water within the city restricting them from overflowing into the sea. This process helps in maintaining the water table until the onset of monsoon.  

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Here's how you can contribute in making every drop of water count:

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Watch to know more about the initiatives taken by MB Nirmal to help Chennai battle water crisis.  


By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water