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‘Har Ek Boond’ Lauds The Efforts Taken By Water Heroes To Solve India's Water Scarcity

Har Ek Boond salutes the tremendous efforts undertaken by water heroes across India to improve the country's on-going water crisis.

Water is one of the essential elements that make life on earth possible. Though 71% of our planet consists of water, not all of it is usable, and with the growing population around the world, water scarcity is an increasing concern. In India, the on-going water crisis affects nearly 1 million people every year. In addition to affecting the vast rural and urban population, India's water scarcity also extensively affects the ecosystem and agriculture. Therefore, as citizens, it is up to us to take the necessary steps towards saving, conserving & restoring our water bodies. In this episode of Har Ek Boond, we salute the efforts undertaken by our Usha Water Heroes to solve India's water crisis.

Founded by Vikas Brahmavar, Boson White Water takes STP treated water and converts it to portable quality water that can be consumed and used for residential & commercial purposes. Through Boson White Water, Vikas & his team at Boson White Water aim at conserving 500 Cr litres of water by the end of December 2020. Thanks to the continuous efforts of Water Heroes like Vikas Brahmavar, the water crisis in Bengaluru has reduced considerably. 

" It's great that the government has made STP mandatory for all residential & commercial complexes. We are supposed to recycle and reuse this water for gardening & flushing purposes. What we did is we took the STP sample and tested it. We understood what the contaminants are in that water & we decided to set up a system specifically for that. We use 11 stages to treat the STP water and convert it to portable quality water that can be used for drinking purposes," says Vikas Brahmavar, Founder & CEO of Boson White Water.

Virendra Singh is known for his remarkable efforts to conserve & revive water bodies in Chhattisgarh. He has successfully restored 35 water bodies throughout Chhattisgarh. Virendra continuously strives to spread awareness about water conservation and believes that nature conservation is the citizens' duty. His 'Jal Pathshala' is one of his attempts to raise awareness among children & youth on India's growing water crisis. Apart from this, Virendra also uses creative techniques like body painting & slogans to raise awareness among society members.

"Seeing people travel long distances & struggle to find water inspired me to do something about this situation. People often don't pay attention to the pollution of water bodies like lakes & wells. So, I thought of reviving these water bodies. I started a campaign for water protection & restoration of water bodies & got the children & youth involved in this project. I have been involved in this project for the last 20 years. As an environment enthusiast, I took my mission to the schools & educational institutions throughout Chhattisgarh and got many children and young adults involved in water conservation," says Virendra Singh, Environment Enthusiast & Water Hero.

Life without water is unimaginable, and hence we need to laud the efforts undertaken by our water heroes to improve India's growing water crisis. Thanks to their relentless hard work, many houses in the country now have access to clean drinking water. As citizens of this great nation, we ought to conserve & protect our water bodies as water is life. Take the 'Har Ek Boond' pledge today by logging on to or give a missed call to 1800120887788. Let's save water as every drop counts.

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