This World Water Day, Let's Take An Oath To Celebrate Water Everyday

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This World Water Day, let's take an oath to save every drop of water and celebrate water everyday as one of most important elements of sustaining life:

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World Water Day

The World Water Day is obsered every year on March 22, with the intent to focus on the importance of water and the issues related to water resources. In the year 2020, the United Nations Organization will be taking up the issue of climate change and water. According to the UN, there is an intricate link between the global water crisis and the climate change.  

Urbanization, uncontrolled population, pollution and many other factors have been creating a major gap between the supply and demand of water on a global scale. Even though, the governments of many countries and the UN are taking up initiatives to spread awareness about the need to conserve water resources, the duty of implementation lies upon us. Adequate quantity of freshwater not only solves the water crisis but also helps in averting climate change.  

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Many environmentalists have repeatedly propagated the need for the 3R system in the use of water. Reduce the use of water according to necessities. Reuse the water that has been flowing out of RO systems and washing machines. The grey water can be easily used in cleaning and watering plants. Many organizations and housing societies are gradually setting up sewage treatment plans to recycle water. 

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Simple steps like keeping a check on the leaking faucets in your house and getting them fixed, taking shorter showers, using a bucket of water for cleaning instead of letting the hose run might seem insignificant but go a long way in conserving millions of gallons of water every year. Have you wondered that just by using a glass of water for brushing your teeth in the morning, you are able to provide a glass of drinking water to a child, who has no access to clean and safe water? It’s time to take such steps.  

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Today, there is an urgent need to spread awareness about the hazards of climate change and water crisis on the world. The global community needs to be more mindful of their usage of water. Hence, the focus on water cannot remain restricted to one day. We need to celebrate water everyday as one of most important elements of sustaining life.  

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By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water