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Maithri Aquatech Is Creating Futuristic Alternatives To Help Ease India's Water Crisis.

Maithri Aquatech provides an alternative & sustainable way to avert India's water crisis by converting atmospheric humidity into clean, drinkable water.

India's water scarcity is a serious concern as freshwater reservoirs are rapidly drying out. Due to this several states in the country have been facing a severe water shortage. With the vision of providing people with a creative solutions to have clean, safe & potable water without supply chain logistics costs, Maithri Aquatech Pvt Ltd., a Hyderabad-based start-up, got into the optimization of generating water from atmospheric humidity.

Maithri Aquatech was established in 2016 by Ramakrishna Mukkavilli & Richard Rekhy to ease India's growing water scarcity. They developed a system that generates water from atmospheric humidity. The process is quite similar to the rain-cycle. 'Meghdoot' is a low-cost atmospheric water generator that uses refrigeration techniques to condense humidity from the air and turn it into 100% microbe-free, potable mineralized water adhering to WHO & relevant Indian standards.

Maithri Aquatech follows a four-step process that consists of pre & post-carbon filtration with activated charcoal, sediment filtration, UV filtration & mineralization to provide consumers with clean, safe drinking water. This atmospheric water generator has a solar-powered energy system & can work without electricity to serve rural areas that often lack access to clean drinking water. To ensure that the water generated is 100% potable, Maithri Aquatech joined hands with the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), which has helped develop a re-mineralization technology.

"There are billions of gallons of water available in the atmosphere in the form of moisture. The beauty of it is that this is replenished several times a year. We use only 0.02% of the available moisture at any given point in time. A 20 - 30 litres machine provides safe drinking water for a family of four" says Ramakrishna Mukkavilli, Founder, Maithri Aquatech.

With water demand more than the supply, India remains one of the most water-stressed countries globally. As citizens, it is up to us to conserve and protect our depleting water bodies. Join the Har Ek Boond campaign & pledge to make every drop of water count by logging on to or give a missed call to 1800-120-887788.

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