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NGOs Highlight Crucial Role Of Soil In Water Conservation, Efforts To Improve Soil Quality

In this episode of Har Ek Boond we explore the crucial role that soil quality plays in water management & conservation.

Deforestation & destruction of wetlands is the leading causes of increased sedimentation in water. Soil provides essential ecosystem services that support different processes in nature. It can regulate the drainage, flow, and storage of water and other solutes, including nitrogen, phosphorus, pesticides, and other nutrients and compounds dissolved in the water. With proper functioning, soil partition's water for groundwater recharge and usage by plants & animals. In this episode of Har Ek Boond, we focus on the crucial role that soil quality plays in improving water quality & the numerous steps undertaken by NGOs and environmentalists to conserve water by protecting soil quality. 

Dilasa is a civil society organization working toward rural development. The organization is known for its watershed program spread over 600,000 ha. of land. Through its watershed program, the organization aims to improve agroforestry, re-carbonize the land space, and rejuvenate tributaries & rivers at the micro-level. The organization is credited for technical, social, and financial process monitoring of the Jalswarajya Project of The State as a whole. It has become a pioneer in resolving the water scarcity threat to the extent possible. The organization has successfully implemented the watershed development projects in Jalkotwadi, Aliyabad, and Manmodi watersheds in the Tuljapur block of Osmanbad district. Representing Dilasa was Vijaya Tulshiwar Dhas, Founder & Executive President of Dilasa & Mansur Khorasi, Program Director of Dilasa. 

Sagar Singh is an environmentalist & a social science teacher who visits schools & colleges to spread awareness about rainwater harvesting among millennials. He is the founder of Eco Warriors India - a community dedicated to conserving & protecting the environment. Sagar, along with many environmentalists, has been working towards preserving the 'Lungs of Mumbai.' The Eco-Warriors India community has continually strived to make Mumbai a cleaner & greener city through their beach clean-up drives, planting trees & various water conservation steps.

"Most of the time, when I taught students, I would often tell them that this is in your syllabus, but you need to keep yourself updated with the current affairs as well. Because our syllabus isn't updated every year due to which most of our current affairs & present-day scenario is left out. We teach the kids for a better future. Unfortunately, the books are still speaking about the past & the present is left untouched," says Sagar Singh, Founder of Eco-Warriors India, while speaking about his motivation to start the Eco-Warriors India community.

He further adds, "So I tried to keep my students updated about the current issues right from water crisis to food security. It dawned on me that why don't I practice what I tell my students & that's when I started actively working towards saving water, planting trees, and eventually forming a community of like-minded people called 'Eco - Warriors India.' 

Among various land degradation processes, water erosion is a significant problem and affects 68.4% of India's total land area. As citizens, our responsibility is to conserve water through simple & easy steps of water management. The time is now where we join hands to save water as every drop counts. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge today by logging on to or give a missed call to 1800-1200-887788. 

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