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Pune-based NGO Ineedsai Is Spreading Awareness On Water Conservation Among Students

A Pune-based NGO, Ineedsai is spreading awareness on water conservation among school & college students to avert the growing water crisis in Maharashtra.

Urbanization, uncontrolled population, pollution & various other factors have created a large gap between the demand & supply of water in India. Though the government & other organizations are taking up initiatives to spread awareness about the need to conserve water resources, it is up to us to implement water conservation at a micro-level. Educating school & college students on the several water conservation methods is one way to reverse the growing water crisis in India. is a Pune-based organization founded by Vedant Goel & Yusuf Soni to implement water conservation habits among students & travel to schools across Maharashtra to educate students on water conservation. They encourage students & teachers from schools to deposit the leftover water in a large drum instead of discarding it. The simple idea of collecting excess water in a drum at the end of the day provides an alternative water conservation method. It helps kids understand the concept of sustainable development and the use of alternatives.

"We started in 2016 & have been able to reach out to 52 schools with an average of 2500 students per school that's about 1,30,000 students who have joined our initiative. Through our initiative, we've managed to save around 40,000 litres of water. Our campaign's greatest achievement was that we managed to change the students' & their families' perspectives towards water conservation," says Vedant Goel, Founder of

Water is a crucial element that needs preservation now more than ever. As citizens, we ought to take a positive step towards water management because every step is significant. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge & make every drop of water count. Log on to or provides a missed turn 1800 - 120 - 887788.

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