The Story Of Arun Krishnamurthy And His Emotional Connect With Water

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Young leaders like Arun Krishnamurthy are bringing about a revolution with organizations like the EFI that take the water conservation movement forward.

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Climate change and the subsequent water crisis has been affecting millions of lives, across the world. Even in India, many states are facing a severe scarcity of water. Yet, when it comes to taking action, the population is hesitant on making an effort. At a time, when public participation becomes the only counter to the problems, young leaders like Arun Krishnamurthy are the ones that bring about a revolution. 

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In recent times, people mostly focus on a comfortable life in the future with a well-paid job. Walking along the road not taken, Krishnamurthy gave up his job at Google to contribute all his time and effort to the conservation of water bodies. His love for the environment goes all the way back to his childhood, when his house was surrounded by lush green forests and water bodies filled to the brim. He reminisces that such treasure troves of the nature brought him close to the planet and help build a relationship with every element of the environment.  

In the year 2007, Arun Krishnamurthy founded his dream project, the Environmentalist Foundation of India. However, the non-profit organization, run by him and his friends from college was registered only in 2013. In the last 13 years, the Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI) has worked on 108 water bodies across 14 Indian states. They have successfully revived 43 water bodies in and around the city of Chennai.  

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The focus of EFI’s revival projects is also to ensure that the activities are in complete alliance with the laws and scientific efforts. Arun and friends urge maximum participation from the local communities as environmental preservation needs to be a collective effort. The Environmentalist Foundation of India depends heavily on volunteers and have come a long way in gathering people for activities like lake or beach clean-up.  

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The most active volunteer group is, however, school students who have been actively participating in cleaning drives and plantation drives. According to Arun Krishnamurthy, every water body has its unique problems and hence, before taking any step, one has to analyze the water bodies, the habitat and the local communities around it, and also the threats around it. Doing so makes it easier to find solutions for reviving the water body.  

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It is not enough to just clean the water bodies; it is equally important to maintain the cleanliness. The EFI has been engaged in creating an ecosystem for aquatic lives. They are also engaging local communities and most importantly, sensitizing the community about the need for water conservation.  

Just like Arun and his friends, you can contribute in making every drop count. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge. Log on to or give a missed call on 1800 120 887788. 


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