Har Ek Boond | The Story Of Dr. Shekhar Raghavan – The Rain Man

Har Ek Boond

The Chennai Rain Man, Dr. Shekhar Raghavan has been an exponent of the Rainwater Harvesting System for more than 2 decades. Here's what he has to say:

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Rainwater harvesting or RWH is a frequently neglected procedure that can help in countering the water crisis that the world is facing. The capital city of Tamil Nadu has been through major scarcity of water multiple times in the past decade. According to Dr. Shekhar Raghavan, this situation can be easily avoided just by installing the rainwater harvesting systems in each and every household in the city. He has been educating the mass about the necessity and benefits of the RWH system since 1995. RWH works as a storage for the rainwater that can be used in the future or in times of need.  

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In the year 2001, the Jayalalitha government in Tamil Nadu announced that RWH is mandatory for every household. Shekhar Raghavan played a major role in the process of implementing this rule. He believes that the sandy beaches across the state help in absorbing rainwater and restoring the groundwater levels. Incorporating traditional methods like rainwater harvesting will only help in maximum preservation of water. He started the ‘Rain Centre’ in 2002. The volunteers at Rain Centre help the citizens in the installation of rainwater harvesting systems by simplifying the process.  

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