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Water Conservationist Rajesh Seshadri Speaks About The Technique Of Rainwater Harvesting

Rajesh Seshadri speaks about the technique of rainwater harvesting and urges citizens to implement rainwater harvesting to resolve India's water crisis.

India receives heavy rainfall every monsoon season that often leads to floods in several parts of the country. Despite plentiful water, a high percentage of the Indian population lacks access to clean drinking water. Water conservationists believe that rainwater harvesting is one of the most economical and practical solutions that will help reduce floods and increase groundwater levels. Thus, resolving the country's growing water crisis. Harvesting rainwater also reduces soil erosion, stormwater runoff, and pollution of surface water with fertilizers, pesticides, metals, etc. It also improves the quality & quantity of groundwater.

Rajesh Seshadri, a resident of Hyderabad & water conservationist, speaks about the technique of rainwater harvesting and urges every citizen to implement rainwater harvesting in our homes.

"Every year, we receive millions of litres of water from the heavens above. Unfortunately, most of this water gets wasted into the drains out of the city. If we can say this clean water, we can solve the growing water crisis issue. The solution is very simple; imagine that your rooftop is like a funnel; all you have to do is connect the exit pipe to your borewell through a rainwater harvesting pit. In this way, you ensure that the water doesn't leave your premises & you have been recharging the groundwater level,"  says Rajesh Seshadri, Water Conservationist

Like Rajesh, let us also adopt the technique of rainwater harvesting and give back to Earth. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge and become a water warrior by logging on to or give a missed call to 1800-120-887788. Let's save water as every drop counts!

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