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Here's A Story About An honest OLA Cab Driver, Vasanth

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

With the growing development, have we somewhere forgotten the essence of humanity and honesty? Well here's a story about an honest OLA cab driver, Vasanth.

Two women had to attend a function and they booked an Ola for commuting. They were all dressed up and had heavy jewelry on them. On their way, they wanted to save some time. So, they removed their jewelry and kept it in the bag they were carrying. After the driver dropped them off, they realized their bag was missing. They tried to contact Vasanth (the driver) but his phone was not reachable. After noticing the bag in the cab, the driver contacted the Ola Customer Care Center and explained the situation, where they suggested him to go the address where he had dropped those women.

He then immediately drove back to the location and returned the bag.

Vasanth says he like working for Ola and would never want to spoil his or the company’s image.

Watch his story in the video above.