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Vedantu: Redefining Education In India With LIVE Online Learning

India’s Learning Won’t Stop is an initiative by Vedantu. Experts talk about the reformations taking place in the education sector in the wake of COVID-19:

India’s Learning Won’t Stop is an initiative by Vedantu in association with Republic TV. The words of the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, “change is the only constant in life” stand very relevant amidst the corona outbreak in the world. Every sector and industry is adapting to changes that can help them continue to function despite being in the confines of their homes. 

As per a report by UNESCO, over 1.5 billion students are affected in the post COVID period. This number accounts for almost 90% of the global student population.  However, education cannot come to a standstill. Post-COVID, there has been a surge in online education courses by a remarkable 33%. Students have rapidly adapted to the online education system. Vedantu, India’s premium ed-tech venture and pioneers of LIVE online learning have come forward with an initiative that enables the students to learn without any obstacles and within the safety of their homes.

The thought behind the initiative is to predominantly ensure that even during the lockdown; the learning process of students’ learning is not interrupted or compromised. Vedantu has gamified lessons for better outreach among students and also ensured that the  LIVE classes are accessible even at a low bandwidth. The online platform has tried to bring together the best aspects of an education system – the content, the teachers, and an extremely engaging medium. 

The journey of Vedantu started in the year 2006, as an offline coaching institute called Lakshya. In order to reach out to the remotest parts of India, the founders of Lakshya launched Vedantu, a more accessible coaching force. The online platform, Vedantu has managed to reach areas like Andaman and Nicobar islands. The venture began when one of the founders was asked to interact with kids and motivate them about studies.

“Vedantu has been the first in India to venture into the spectrum of LIVE tutoring. We always wanted to have an interactive setup wherein the teacher is teaching from a particular location. The students can log in to the lecture with any device. These sessions are more than just teaching and learning. These are extremely interactive.” – Vamsi Krishna, CEO, and Co-Founder

“For almost 4-5 years, we have worked really hard to form a platform to teach students in a group set up. Today, on Vedantu over 200 students can be a part of the same class and the teacher is able to pay attention to each and every child. They actively try to gauge the student’s reactions so that the classes can be moderated according to the students’ comfort.” – Pulkit Jain, Head of Product and Co-Founder

Vedantu has managed to overcome the boundaries of traditional education that was mostly based on control. In the online education spectrum, not only are the lectures captured, but there are methods used to gauge the student’s ability to understand whatever is being taught. This is mostly done through interactive sessions. In Vedantu’s LIVE Class, the students are continuously engaged through Quizzes, Leaderboards, Hotspots. The teachers teach the concepts through appealing visualizations, making the class fun & engaging. Parents are also able to see the progress that the student has made. Interactivity has enabled education to be more effective. 

Vedantu has pioneered the 2-teacher model in India. Under the model – there is the main teacher, who conducts the class on screen with all the interactive content and there is a secondary teacher, who attends to cohorts of students within the class. The secondary teachers act as a medium between the students and the main teachers and also clear doubts through LIVE chats. A student can get unlimited doubts solved through this.

There has been a huge surge in the subscriptions of online classes. Vedantu has observed a 52x growth of new students. To cope with the pressure of being in the confines of the house, Vedantu has been launching non-academic courses as well. The teachers at Vedantu have also been very sensitive about the students who are new to the online education system. Parents have been able to adapt to the spectrum of online education after taking a look at the remarkable results that Vedantu has helped in achieving. 

To make the student’s learning journey enriching, Vedantu begins their process right from the benchmarking test that is required for enrolling, which is followed by parent counseling. There is a lot of intervention to understand the pace of the student and his strengths and weaknesses. 

“Students are today engaged in a lot of activities with their mobile phones – gaming and a multitude of such activities, but they are away from their friends. Online learning has enabled them to meet their friends and helps them in being engaged.” – Anand Prakash, Head Academics, and Co-Founder 

The stronghold of Vedantu has been its ability to be an interactive platform that provides personalized care to every student. 

“When I joined the online platform, what differed from offline coaching was the quality of teachers. Here, the teachers are easily able to understand my doubts. They act like friends and also help in non-academic aspects.” – Sumit Jain, Student

Vedantu, India’s premium online education expert has been providing FREE LIVE Interactive Classes & Premium Content with India’s Best Teachers for Grade 1 -12 & Competitive Exams such as JEE and NEET.  The students can access the platform using any device. This initiative from Vedantu is acting more like a breakthrough movement in the education sector as it is indicating a shift towards online education becoming a norm. 

Watch the episode for more insights on the online LIVE learning and also student’s anecdotes about Vedantu.

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