#ActivIndia, A Movement By Activa

Honda Presents #ActivIndia - A Movement By Activa| Measures To Increase Voter Percentage

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Honda Activa launches a one of its kind, #ActivIndia campaign during the election season to encourage more and more people to cast their votes to make a difference. It prompts the citizens to realise that they are the ones who can give the “desh chalane ka license” - the license to run the country.  

Republic TV and Honda presents #ActivIndia - A movement by Activa in its special edition will have a panel of experts who will be talking about the most burning issue of democracy - voters and voter percentage in the upcoming general elections. The panel consists of K Mahesh (IAS Officer, DM East, Government of Delhi), Alok Kumar (President, Federation of Apartment Association, Ghaziabad) and Dr. Rikab Chandra Jain (Founder and President, Indian Voters Association).  

One of the major causes of low voter percentage is that people are aware of elections but not about how much change individual votes can make. The urban population tends to believe that irrespective of who is in power, there is no major change in their lives. If election dates are scheduled during weekends, people just take it as an opportunity to take a 3-4-day vacation. It is very important to bring a change in this reckless attitude among people.  

The voting percentage has never remained stagnant, however, there is an underlying urban apathy that reduces the voter turnout time and again. The Election Commission of India taken many initiatives like the “No Voter Should Be Left Behind” and “SVEEP” programs. SVEEP or the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation program by the ECI is for voter education, spreading voter education and promoting voter literacy. Its primary goal is to build a true democracy in the nation by encouraging all eligible citizens to vote and make an informed decision during the elections.  

The panel also talked about the 17th Lok Sabha elections which was unique as it introduced three main features that we see in the elections today – inclusivity as the marginalized communities, blind and disabled population are provided extra support in the polling booth, transparency with the VVPAT systems and environmentally friendly.  

To combat the average voting percentage, the panel suggested that the ECI focuses on the enormous demand for E – voting and voting mobility, where one can vote from any location, even if it is away from their own constituencies. There is a need to inspire more first-time voters, voting can also be made compulsory but that could hamper the citizen’s fundamental right to freedom of expression. Voting awareness should not depend on initiatives taken by the administration, it should be started from the elementary level. There should be an increase in the number of election literacy clubs in schools.  

Young voters account for more than half of the voting population, making them a powerful political force. Youngsters should realize that their vote is what makes the democracy a success. “Desh tabhi chalega, jab vote karega”- A country runs efficiently only when its citizens vote in large numbers. 

Here’s how you can support #ActivIndia -  

1. Pledge to Vote : Visit www.hondaactivindia.com & join the #ActivIndia movement 

2. Set SMS reminder: Select your polling date on the website and get reminded a day before. 

3. Join the movement through missed call: Just give a missed call on 9870500111 and support the #ActivIndia movement by taking a pledge to vote 

4. Frame your pledge: Show the world your customized pledge frame and spread awareness. 

5. Spread the cause: Upload your pledge certificate on social media and ask your friends and family to take the pledge too! 

6. Every vote counts: Ensure two votes are cast for every two-wheeler. Ride to the polling booth with a pillion.