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Lalkaar #ActivIndia Special | How Aware Is The Common Man In Patna?

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Honda Activa launches a one of its kind, #ActivIndia campaign during the election season to encourage more and more people to cast their votes to make a difference. It prompts the citizens to realize that they are the ones who can give the “desh chalane ka license” - the license to run the country.  

Pradip Bhandari reached the Maurya Complex of Patna to know more about what the common man’s notions about the general elections and voting are. 

The residents of Patna think that the reason the voter percentage of the state is so less is because there is a general lack of awareness and there is a lack of interest when it comes to contributing towards the betterment of the country. The people still think that they don’t need to go out and vote because one vote doesn’t make a difference.  

Many people in the city are not aware of the electoral candidate of their own area, let alone the manifestos of the national parties. The people do believe that if there are initiatives taken to spread awareness about the importance of every vote, more people might come out and contribute to the cause. There is a need to focus on issues like education, tax reductions for small scale businesses, model booths to ensure more voter turnout, rural and urban development and better administration.  

It falls upon the educated individuals and the government itself to make people aware of their constitutional responsibility to vote. Voting is the most basic yet powerful measure to ensure that one contributes in the changes they want to see in the nation.  

Initiatives like #ActivIndia becomes more important because it spreads awareness about the right and responsibility to vote in all parts of the country. It is a call to every young individual out there to realize how important each vote is and urges them to contribute to the reshaping of the nation’s government.  

#ActivIndia - Proactive citizens make a progressive nation 

  • Pledge to vote: Visit www.hondaactivindia.com and join the #ActivIndia movement. 
  • Set SMS reminder: Select your polling date on the website and get reminded a day before. 
  • Join the movement through missed call: Just give a missed call on 9870500111 and support the #ActivIndia movement by taking a pledge to vote 
  • Frame your pledge: Show the world your customized pledge frame and spread awareness. 
  • Spread the cause: Upload your pledge certificate on social media and ask your friends and family to take the pledge too! 
  • Every vote counts: Ensure two votes are cast for every two-wheeler. Ride to the polling booth with a pillion. 

Watch to know more about the common man’s notion of an ideal country.