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Lalkaar #ActivIndia Special | Ideas To Increase The Voter Turnout In The Upcoming Elections

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Honda Activa launches a one of its kind, #ActivIndia campaign during the election season to encourage more and more people to cast their votes to make a difference. It prompts the citizens to realise that they are the ones who can give the “desh chalane ka license” - the license to run the country. 

In this special episode of Lalkaar, Pradip Bhandari interacts with the students at Lexicon MILE - Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence, Pune. The episode focuses on the opinions of young students, mostly first time voters. The youth feels that while voting one should remember the issues that a candidate focuses on and if those issues help in the betterment of the country.

The segment called “Koi Seat Na Jaaye Khali” - No Seat Should Remain Empty is trying to encourage more people to come out and vote. The students were told to play the role of the Chief Election Commissioner and come with ideas to increase the voter turnout in the upcoming elections.

The students suggested that the ECI (Election Commission of India) should have initiatives to ensure that an individual can vote from any nearby polling booth, even if the person is away from his/her own constitutions. They also came up with ideas like having a voting club in the college and also have EVMs in colleges for the benefit of the college students. Some students also suggested that the awareness about voting should begin in schools. 

This segment also talks about the variety of platforms that are consuming news and what are the platforms that are mostly followed by the news. Pradip Bhandari also talks about something that he considers more dangerous than fake news i.e. partial news.

Honda #ActivIndia is an initiative to spread awareness about the right and responsibility to vote in all parts of the country. It is a call to every young individual out there to realize how important each vote is and urges them to contribute to the reshaping of the nation’s government. 

Watch to know more about what young India has to say about elections. Take a pledge to be a part of the change that the future holds at www.hondaactivindia.com or give a missed call on 9870500111.