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Lalkaar | #ActivIndia Special Spreading Awareness About The Right And Responsibility To Vote

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

Honda Activa launches a one of its kind, #ActivIndia campaign during the election season to encourage more and more people to cast their votes to make a difference. It prompts the citizens to realise that they are the ones who can give the “desh chalane ka license” - the license to run the country. 

This special episode of Lalkaar had a panel of experts addressing issues related to voting and voter awareness. The panel discussion was held at IMS Ghaziabad where students, who are also first time voters shared their opinions regarding voter awareness in India. The panel consists Subhash Kashyap (Former Secretary General, Lok Sabha), K Mahesh (IAS Officer, DM East, Government of Delhi), Alok Kumar (President of Federation of Apartment Association, Ghaziabad) and Rikab Jain (Member, Indian Voters Association).

The panel discussed about how in the recent elections, there has been more focus on youth and first time voters. It is the youth that is mostly aware about elections and voting rights due to social media, and internet. However, more initiatives need to be taken to ensure that the citizens understand how important elections and voting are. There have been campaigns like debates, street plays, arranging competitions and even forming electoral literacy clubs in schools which were done to incite more voters.

Many efforts have been made to analyze and resolve the voting related issues like lack of transparency, facilities for disabled and transgenders. The main aim is to fight the stigma around voting i.e. one vote doesn’t matter in a population of 20 lakhs and to make the citizenry realize that voting is not just a right but a responsibility. One cannot have the opportunity to complain about existing issues if one does not take up the minimal initiative to cast a vote. 

Honda #ActivIndia is an initiative to spread awareness about the right and responsibility to vote in all parts of the country. It is a call to every young individual out there to realize how important each vote is and urges them to contribute to the reshaping of the nation’s government. 

Watch to know more about the initiatives to taken to ensure more voting percentages.

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