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#ActivIndia Reached Out To The Youth Of Indore To Know About Their Opinions On The Upcoming Elections

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Honda Activa launches a one of its kind, #ActivIndia campaign during the election season to encourage more and more people to cast their votes to make a difference. It prompts the citizens to realise that they are the ones who can give the “desh chalane ka license” - the license to run the country. 
In this special episode of Lalkaar, Pradip Bhandari interacts with the students at the Medi Caps University of Indore. With stellar educational institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management, Indore has become one of the most popular education hubs of India.
#ActivIndia reached out to the youth of Indore to know about their opinions about the upcoming elections and also the issues they keep in mind while they go out to vote. There will be 13 Lakhs first time voters in the state of Madhya Pradesh. 
The students have been facing the same issues that the non-native students are facing all over the country. The students at Medi Caps also believe that there is a general lack of awareness about how important each vote is and also there is not enough pressure from the parents and elders. They might not consider voting as an important reality. The youth needs to break the taboo that their individual vote is not important. Each vote is important and is another step taken to bring a change in the country. 
Pradip Bhandari also asked the students to come up with a manifesto that states all the issues that the youth believes should be focused on. The suggestions ranged from creating more employment opportunities as a solution to problems like brain drain to making education affordable and conventional. They also asked the parties to take an initiative to solve problems like caste-based reservation. 
The students believe that reaching out to the political parties has become easier because of the advent of social media. Social media, in different forms, should be used as a tool to create more awareness about the importance of voting and elections. 
Honda #ActivIndia is an initiative to spread awareness about the right and responsibility to vote in all parts of the country. It is a call to every young individual out there to realize how important each vote is and urges them to contribute to the reshaping of the nation’s government. 
Watch to know more about the youth voters’ manifesto. Take a pledge to be a part of the change that the future holds at www.hondaactivindia.com or give a missed call on 9870500111.