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One India Season 2 | Eye-D Empowers The Visually Impaired Through Technology

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This journey of One India with Facebook has brought out perspectives on important themes of sustainable economic growth, digital literacy, and fake news menace. This episode talks about enabling the differently abled through technology and brings to you the story of Eye-D, a mobile application that is tapping technology to empower the visually impaired.

Eye-D a mobile application developed by artificial intelligence is specifically designed for easing the lives of visually impaired. This app provides audio feedback to help users get on with their lives normally. It helps them find the landmarks, understanding texts messages and improves their overall navigation around an area.

“Due to technology, we’ve reached where it was impossible to think of 15 to 20 years back. A classic example of this is our own app. In India itself, Eye-D is being used in 1000 locations, places we’ve never even been to. We have only expanded through the word of mouth. It includes both rural and urban areas. Also, the kind of features that we can include using AI is immense. So, it’s not just about the reach but also the extent of the kind of things we can do with technology, which is immense.” - Gaurav Mittal (Founder, Eye-D)

On this episode, our panel of experts discuss how Eye-D was started, and the challenges faced by Gaurav Mittal (Founder, Eye-D). The panel comprises of Yogesh Andlay (Founder- Nucleus Software Engineering PTV. LTD), Prof. M BalaKrishnan (Professor – Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT Delhi), Chandrashekar K N (Treasurer – Cricket Association for the Blind, India), and Gaurav Mittal (Founder, Eye-D). The panel was moderated by Sakal Bhatt (Sr. News Editor – Republic TV).

The panel discusses how technology needs to reach the rural areas and how training is essential to empower differently-abled people. Getting into the depth of Eye-D’s success which helps over 18,000 users from across 160 countries, they further discussed the need for distribution of such products. Moreover, they spoke about the need for special educators especially in rural India. The panel was determined to think about ways of empowering the differently abled, whether that be through technology, more funding, better reach and distribution or government support. The essence being if we all move towards the goal, it can bring about change in the lives of millions of people.

‘One India’ by Facebook is a series which showcases stories of ordinary people coming together to impact the lives of many for the better. Season 2 of One India revolves around the spirit of change and revolutionizing society using technology. This season is all about the stories that will reach and empower the communities.

Watch the video to know about the EYE-D mobile application and its features.