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WATCH | This Sub-inspector Uses Music To Curb The Spread Of Fake News

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

India has many extraordinary stories of ordinary people coming together to impact lives of the society they are a part of. Facebook One India is a humble attempt in showcasing their stories to inspire others to come together and create a larger impact. The Season 2 of One India is dedicated to bringing change in society using technology as an enabler or as a platform or both.

It is commonly believed that in a diverse country like India, with every 50 kms, culture changes. The backbone of these cultures that has been passed through generations is the ever appealing folk literature. This episode shows the journey of Inspector Anjapally Nagamallu, who uses the power of folk songs to curb the menace of fake news. He is not just an ordinary inspector, he is a singing sensation. His songs, not only entertainment, but create awareness about the rampant spread of fake news. He also sings about the various issues confronted by the police and how it can make people aware about fake news and rumors.

“Recently there were rumors about kidnapping and theft circulating on social media. There was a lot of fake news circulating about this. Due to this, there were incidents of villagers beating and threatening visitors from other places. Before the advent of phones, there used to be a gap in dissemination of information. Nowadays, everything spreads like wildfire throughout the country and even outside it. This increases the risk of people believing in fake news without any credibility check. In order to spread awareness in rural areas, we first need to devise a method to educate them. They listen to songs and watch dramas and short skits. Therefore, songs are more effective than speech in rural areas.” - Anjapally Nagamallu (Traffic Inspector – LB Nagar, Hyderabad)

In this episode, our panel of experts discuss and deliberate about the success story of Inspector Anjapally Nagamallu and about the challenges he faced initially. The panel comprises of Sachin Singhai (Director – Cyber Safe India), Khagendra Sharma (Trainer for Cyber Security Awareness – National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT) (Academic/Govt. Representative)), Dr. S. Amar Prasad Reddy (DG – National Cyber Safety & Security Standards (NCSSS)) and Anjapally Nagamallu (Traffic Inspector – LB Nagar, Hyderabad). The panel was moderated by Shivani Gupta (Associate Editor – Republic TV).

The panel also discussed about how collective effort is needed to curb fake news from spreading and being used as a fear mongering tool. They further discuss how people should learn various ways to distinguish between fake news and real news. The reason why fake news spreads is due to lack of awareness, hence, panel discusses the role that government can plays and how the right blend of passion, ideas and the correct platform can counter any conundrum.

Watch the full episode to know more about the story of Inspector Anjapally Nagamallu, who uses the power of folk songs to curb the menace of fake news.