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WATCH | YLAC - Helping Teens To Vocalize Their Opinions

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This journey of One India with Facebook has brought out perspectives on important themes of sustainable economic growth, digital literacy and fake news menace. This episode we talk about a new, interesting subject- counter-speech.

YLAC, Delhi, aims to increase the participation of young people in the democratic process and build their capacity to lead change through a fellowship on counter-speech. This fellowship caters to the young population of the country and encourages them to talk about issues that are important to them via visual representation in the form of storytelling.

“Counter-speech is essentially about questioning the government narrative and putting out alternate perspectives out there. Young people are still in the stage where they are formulating their opinions. Counter-speech fellowship is based on three pillars, awareness, advocacy, and support. The idea is that their voice gets amplified through these handles and more people get to know about them. YLAC leans heavily on the reach on social media to be able to reach those people who are really interested in what's happening in the country.”

- Rohit Kumar (Co-founder – YLAC India) & Aparajita Bharti (Co-founder – YLAC India)

On this episode, our panel of experts discuss and deliberate about the success story of YLAC fellowship and the challenges Rohit Kumar and Aparajita Bharti had to go through while launching this initiative. The panel comprises of Rohit Kumar (Co-founder – YLAC India), Rukmani Baya Nair (Prof. Emeritus (Linguistics) Humanities-Social Sciences, IIT Delhi), Dr. Ranjana Kumari (Director, Center for Social Research & President, Women Power Connect) and Satya Pal Jain (Sr Advt. Additional Solicitor General of India & Ex-MP). The panel was moderated by Shivani Gupta (Associate Editor – Republic TV).

The panel discusses how technology shapes the start of great movements and how good decision making happens with different point of views. They spoke about how WEF managed reached to 22 states and conducted 450 workshops for students. Moreover, they talk about the importance of building a platform for teens to vocalize their opinions and how YLAC teaches techniques to deal with abuse and online trolling. They also highlight the role that government plays in bringing a change in the lives of people.

‘One India’ by Facebook is a series which showcases stories of ordinary people coming together to impact the lives of many for the better. Season 2 of One India revolves around the spirit of change and revolutionizing society using technology. This season is all about the stories that will reach and empower the communities.

Watch the full episode to know more about YLAC fellowship and it helps teens to vocalize their opinions.