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Coronaguard By Eureka Forbes The New Solution To Stop The Spread Of The Coronavirus?

Coronaguard powered by SHYCOCAN operates on a regular 110/240V - 50/60 Hz wall socket and is a plug and play device. Here's what it does and how it works


The Coronavirus pandemic has emerged as one of the most significant and disruptive events in human history, affecting vast swathes of the world's population directly or indirectly as nations imposed lockdowns to protect their people from the kind of daily activity that lends itself to easy transmission of COVID-19, and also sought to bolster their preparedness as thousands and thousands came to be infected. With even the most scientifically and technologically advanced countries not spared, the race is on to find either a cure or a vaccine, or some manner of treatment to help people tackle the virus en-masse. Joining the list of potentials is a device piloted by consumer durables maker Eureka Forbes called 'Coronaguard'. 

Powered by a 'Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon' (SHYCOCAN), the Coronaguard is a plug-and-play device that enables the delivery of a charged high-velocity electrons that interact with the negative-seeking S-proteins of the Coronavirus. The S-Protein, which is known to attach itself to the host cell allowing the virus to enter the cellular structure, sees its infectivity reduced on account of Coronaguard's charged electron burst, with the end result being a reduction in the air- and surface-borne transmission of the virus.

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The Coronaguard device is intended to be used in residential, industrial and commercial environments and is designed for active containment by attenuation of Corona family of viruses. "The device had been sent to the US and Mexico where it was tested. The report of the virology studies show a substantial reduction in the virus infectivity in both cases - the capsid point of view as well as the log reduction." say, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, the Chairman and Chief Scientific Officer of the Organization de Scalene and Scalene Cybernetics Ltd, Bengaluru, who is the inventor of the device. It has been notified by the US FDA under the Enforcement Discretion Policy and is CE compliant.

As per the Forbes Coronaguard website, the device Attenuates 99.9% of COVID-19 in closed spaces. As per Dr Kumar, the employees in the Scalene Cybernetics campus have been using it for the last 4 months, and reports not a single positive case despite not using masks. "Each device would take care of 1000 sq ft area," Dr Kumar added while appearing on the primetime debate with Arnab Goswami on Republic on the subject. Again, as per the Coronaguard website, the device retails for Rs 19,999.

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"Today, the whole economy is suffering, with people dying. People are afraid of going out and there's a widespread fear across the world on this topic. Our goal is to help clean this up a little bit, help lessen the fear of contracting the virus and to build a better and safer world. At Eureka Forbes, we've been fighting bacteria and viruses in all forms for over 38 years since the day of our conception. We are actually looking at taking this product to the next level by continuing the test runs that are currently taking place throughout laboratories in India as well." said, Marzin Shroff, MD & CEO of Eureka Forbes.  

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