"Good Story Telling Is The Kind Of Change That This Industry Would Want", Says Troy Ribeiro

Written By Digital Desk | Mumbai | Published:

The first edition of Critics’ Choice Short Film Awards took place in the month of December 2018 and was presented by The Film Critics Guild, India’s first registered association of film critics and Motion Content Group. Through these awards, the organizers aim to recognize and appreciate the inventiveness and creativity of short film-makers in the country.

Troy Ribeiro (Journalist) said,

“It is exciting because this is the first time it is happening in such a big way, and it is giving a voice to people so yes, I am very excited and I'm sure that everybody else too is excited, because it is a platform that nobody ever had earlier. If you ask me what kind of change you want to see in Indian Cinema, well the list is vast but technically I would say good story-telling without the technicalities involved. This platform gives you a chance to be totally creative and it does not stop you from executing what you have planned.”

The event brought together the most talented film makers in the country and the core committee of CCSFA. The Film Critics Guild is a great platform the budding film makers to present and showcase their talent in terms of acting, direction, writing, editing, cinematography, in short, the whole the filmmaking process.

The categories for the awards include Best Film - Fiction, Best Film - Non-Fiction, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director - Fiction, Best Director - Non-Fiction, Best Writer, Best Editor, Best Cinematographer, and Best Score. Five films in each category have been selected after filtering over hundreds of entries.

Aiming to recognize and appreciate short films across the country, the CCSFA, was the first-ever collaborative effort of India’s most credible film critics and Motion Content Group.