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Here's How Digital Creator Ritanshu Aneja Plans To Establish His One-of-a-kind Restro Pub!

Now that Instagram allows users to express their creative potential to the fullest, Ritanshu Aneja has a platform to document content for everyone.

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Social media space has evolved drastically in the last few years giving people of different age groups an opportunity to embrace their creativity. Whether you are a part of Generation X, Y, or Z, every creative artist has indulged in blogging - part-time and full-time. Now that Instagram allows users to express their creative potential to the fullest, Ritanshu Aneja has a platform to document food, travel, and lifestyle content for everyone.

Ritanshu has been a social media fanatic since his teenage years. However, he deep-dived into the digital medium after realising its reach. A restaurateur by profession, the digital creator has been working in the hospitality industry. His Instagram feed depicts his love for travel, good food, and parties. With excellent business acumen and exceptional knowledge about the food industry, the creator aims to maximise his work through social media platforms. Along with his business ventures in India, Ritanshu has his business set up in the UAE. The digital creator has been working as a managing partner at Mantis Dubai, one of the plush clubs in the UAE.

Not only does Ritanshu want to up his content game on the gram, but he aims to give businesses much-needed exposure in the digital domain. An avid food lover, travel enthusiast, and party animal, Ritanshu adores exploring the world's best travel destinations. Currently, the digital creator is pushing his content game and bringing the best platter of world cuisines. In the coming time, Ritanshu has some collaborations in the pipeline with notable influencers from the food and travel category.

When asked about his plans, the content creator said, "I am excited to collaborate with brands and influencers. I want to show the world's best cuisines to the world."

Having gained a fair knowledge about the industry, Ritanshu wants to scale in his professional realm by establishing a one-of-a-kind restro pub across Indian cities. Other than scaling his business, the digital creator is excited to travel across the globe to document world cultures and traditions.

He says, "This year, my travel journeys are mostly business trips. I want to infuse the world's different cultures and bring them to the table in the form of cuisines." For the same, Ritanshu has lined up international tours and has many collaborations with food, travel, and lifestyle creators.

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