#ThankYouForBeingMyFamily : Mankind Pharma’s Salute To The Healthcare Community


Mankind Pharma salutes the brave hearts of the healthcare community, who are away from home and tirelessly working to ensure our safety and comfort:

Written By Debolina Datta | Mumbai | Updated On:

A man is a social animal; hence, he lives on communication and interaction as much as on bread. However, owing to the pandemic that is spread across the world, individuals are compelled into isolation and social distancing is becoming extremely crucial.  

At difficult times like these, the health care community has been tirelessly working towards making a difference in the situation. There are laboratories across the world with millions of doctors and scientific experts who are trying to find a cure for the virus. The entire health care community is acting as a shield to protect the public from getting infected.  

Most of the organizations, both public and private have sent their employees to work from the confines of their homes. As these employees return home to stay safe, the doctors and nurses are away from their homes to take care of the infected. The new video by Mankind Pharma makes us realize that the healthcare community is giving up the moments they could spend with their families and risking their own health for our sake. Let’s salute these individuals and their families for sacrificing their comfort for the sake of protecting us. We are happy to have these brave hearts as a part of our family. 

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