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Maruti Suzuki's True Value Amongst The Most Trusted Destinations To Buy Pre-owned Cars

Maruti Suzuki's True Value is one of the most trusted destinations to buy pre-owned cars. It comes with plethora of options for cars at preferred price point.

Maruti Suzuki True Value

Image: Maruti Suzuki's True Value (Republic)

Maruti Suzuki's True Value is one of the most trusted destinations to buy pre-owned cars. It not only provides a plethora of options for cars at your preferred price point, but it also comes with the reliability of Maruti Suzuki.

With over 550 showrooms across 274 cities at True Value, the buying experience of the customers is no different from buying a new car. Since foraying into India’s pre-owned car market in 2001, True Value, Maruti Suzuki’s channel for pre-owned cars, has grown in both size and stature. 

Maruti Suzuki True Value has now become the marketplace of choice for pre-owned car buyers and sellers, catering to their diverse needs across the country.

Official from True Value speaks

Devender Kumar, Team Lead (Relationships Officers ) at True Value said, "When you think of buying or selling a used car, what comes to your mind? The chance that you might get cheated, uncertainty at every stage, the condition of the car, the right price, paperwork in place, etc. But here at True Value, each car has been digitally evaluated on more than 376 checkpoints. Along with a thorough background check before putting it up for sale. Also, the entire documentation process is taken care of by the True Value relationship officer."

He further said that a True Value-certified car comes with a warranty of up to one year and three free services.

"True Value provides hassle-free evaluation and the AI-based pricing engine makes sure that you get the most accurate price for your car. The payment process is very quick and the RC process along with all post-sales formalities are taken care of by a dedicated relationship officer," Kumar said.


True Value revolutionalised the pre-owned car market

India’s pre-owned car market is growing and maturing in tandem, and Maruti Suzuki True Value is at the forefront of it. Its sole and overriding objective is to empower both pre-owned car buyers and sellers through a methodical integration of technology and industry experience.

True Value has revolutionalised the pre-owned car market. Over 46 lakh happy customers are a testament that True Value stands for the best value both in terms of service and quality.

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