SPONSORED CONTENT: The Story Of A Father’s Struggle To Save His Daughter’s Heart

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We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Everyone would fight to pinch her rosy cheeks and play with her hair. When cold winters came for us in Kashmir, it was quite a sight to see her running around with her pink mittens and blue monkey cap. I loved being greeted by her giggles when I came home.

In spite of being told that their daughter has a hole in her heart, Shaukat and his wife weren’t worried. The doctors reassured them that the hole will eventually fill up as their daughter grows up. Thus began their journey of hope right from the time Ayman was 3 months old.

Ayman is now 2 years old and the hole in her heart still remains.

Each day she grows paler and fatigue hits her so often that she forgets to get up on most days. Her nails and lips have started to have a blue tint. Ayman’s parents have forgotten how to sleep, they spend long and bitter nights hearing her suffocate while merely trying to breathe. Ayman can barely sit upright or walk around due to the lack of oxygen in her system.

Living in a sleepy village in Kashmir has effectively crippled their access to quality healthcare. Their nearest source to primary care is around 30 kms away. Once in every two months, Ayman is taken there for a regular check up. The local doctor has asked them to go to Delhi to continue further treatment for Ayman. Ayman’s medications and trips to hospital has already set them back by a lakh. They have borrowed money from everyone they know.

“I was relieved to know that there is hope in Delhi, for my daughter to get treated. When I got to know that the price of my daughter’s life was a heart surgery that costs Rs 3,50,000, I was shocked. I bring home Rs 6,000 a month working at a local medical lab. I do not have it in me to be able to provide for my daughter’s treatment”.

An emotional Shaukat adds that sometimes, it’s hard for him to even come to terms with reality. “After 2 years,we were really hoping for her heart to return back to normal. Little did we know that our journey of hope would end here,” he says.

The family has started a fundraiser to gather Rs. 3,50,000. Any contribution from your side will help them continue their fight to save their child.


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