SPONSORED CONTENT: This Construction Worker Fights To Save 1-year-old Son’s Heart

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  • Take a look at the inspiring story of a construction worker who fought hard to save the life of his 1-year-old son, who suffered from a heart problem

“I can never forget the day we welcomed Samrat into this world. My wife held him close and I remember our baby boy looking up at us with his big beautiful eyes. I felt like the happiest man alive,” recalls Samrat’s father, Manoj. Today, Manoj struggles to save his son’s life.

Life was nothing short of a fairy-tale for Samrat’s parents when they brought their son home and started a new chapter in their lives. However, misery soon came knocking on their doors. Samrat started falling sick and would suffer from frequent fevers and cold. His health deteriorated further, and tests revealed that the little one was suffering from Pneumonia. He was hospitalized for 8 days and discharged when his health improved. Samrat’s family was relieved but the feeling didn’t last for long as the fevers returned, refusing to leave their son’s side this time.

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“We conducted several tests yet again and were devastated to know that our son was suffering from a ventricular septal defect, meaning, that he has a hole in his heart. I remember breaking the news to my wife after speaking to the doctor. She sprawled on the hospital floor and started wailing, not caring about who’s around, who’s watching, nothing,” says Samrat’s father.

The boy requires an urgent heart surgery which will cost Samrat’s family Rs. 3 lakhs. “How am I supposed to manage such exorbitant funds?” exclaims the father, adding,

“I am a mere construction worker. On good days, I earn Rs. 300/ day. But there are days where I don’t have work and bring nothing home. My wife is a homemaker and now with Samrat’s illness, our expenses have hit the roof. I have already borrowed Rs. 2 lakhs for my son’s treatment and now need Rs. 3 lakhs more. I am in no position to borrow more money as repaying this much is a struggle in itself.”

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The family couldn’t admit Samrat in the hospital, due to lack of funds. He is at home and is currently surviving on medication. “He has become so weak, he can’t even sit up straight on the bed. He keeps struggling for breath,” says Samrat’s father. The boy’s family has started a fundraiser here. Any contribution from your side will help them a great deal in paying for Samrat’s heart surgery.

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