SPONSORED CONTENT: “We Have Nothing Left,” Family Struggles To Save 2-year-old Daughter’s Life

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“Divyanshi has always been a quiet child. When she first started experiencing bouts of pain she would tug at her mother’s clothes and point to wherever it hurt. I could see her eyes urging me to help make the pain go away. But we were helpless. So helpless.”

For the 2-year-old’s parents, the situation was surreal. They had never expected the life of their little baby daughter to be hanging by a thread. A few months back, Divyanshi was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. Her lungs were infected and it took a ventilator and a series of tubes all over her body to help her breathe without pain. The frequent fevers made it worse for her young, struggling heart.

After changing a couple of hospitals, she was eventually admitted in Apollo Hospital this week where doctors have termed the case as critical. She urgently requires a Cardiac Cath followed by a heart repair surgery. The total cost of which adds up to 4 lakh Rupees. Her father, Yogesh is a salesman with a monthly salary of 8000 Rupees. “We’re still paying off past loans and no one will let us borrow money anymore,” says Yogesh with tears in his eyes.

The father has already taken help from all his relatives and is running out of options. Divyanshi’s constantly deteriorating health is the source of endless worry and sleepless nights. “She is so small and yet so brave. I hate seeing her like this”, says her mother while describing her as an affectionate child who loves giving hugs.

They recently had a new addition to the family, a newborn daughter but instead of a celebration like they had planned, they will be in the hospital, struggling to make ends meet. The mother is currently a stay at home mom tending to both her daughters’s needs. Divyanshi is in the hospital and hasn’t met her younger sibling yet.

They are a simple family living in Badlapur whose only hope is that their baby girl can grow up to become a beautiful young girl and probably pester them for a little extra pocket money. Help Yogesh and his family get their daughter the surgery she needs.

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