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Stephen Lussier, Executive Vice President, Consumer and Brands for De Beers groups and the Chairman for Forever mark, is in conversation with Nayan Shukla. 

Forevermark, a venture by the De Beers group is a decade old luxury brand and stands as one of the most important names in the gems and jewelry industry. The De Beers Corporation has been a global name for being an expert in diamond exploration, mining and retail trading. A Forevermark diamonds are more than a product, natural miracles as the manufacturer looks and provides beyond the 4Cs of diamond classification, which are the carat, clarity, color and cut; for it is transparent. These diamonds are least hampered with, maintaining its purity sterility. The Forevermark diamond goes through 44 steps of analysis before it is sent for retail. 

The market for the diamonds has reached global heights not more than three decades ago, and India is the world’s center for diamonds. The gems and jewelry industry accounts to almost 7.5% of the country’s GDP. The De Beer Group set up a market in India after many countries, like China, Japan and USA, however, India has been the “star runner” for the group.  

The De Beers is an internationally popular name, not just for its diamonds but also the numerous initiatives taken by the corporation. Diamond mining does not affect the nature as much as any other human activity, however, since, there is a damage, De Beers assuming its responsibility as a social corporation, buys and conserves 6 hectares of land for each hectare of land mined. There are many more measures taken by the company to preserve the nature and its resources and has worked in conservation of endangered species of flora and fauna.  

“Every diamond is unique from one another; it is one of the magic of nature that it doesn’t do the same thing twice, so when one goes to buy diamonds, at a glance, they might lok the same, but no two diamonds have the incursions in the same place, each of them has a unique story, so you need an expert to look at them. Uniqueness is something inherent in all diamonds, what Forevermark does is expertly look beyond what everyone is looking for.” -  Stephen Lussier (Executive Vice President, Consumer and Brands for De Beers groups and the Chairman for Forevermark ) 

Forevermark also makes a mark in promoting issues like women empowerment by creating opportunities and a secure environment for women to work in the male dominated industry of diamond manufacturing.  

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