This Shop Worker’s Son Has A Hole In His Heart And No Time


11-month-old Arhaan is suffering from congenital heart disease and needs an urgent open heart surgery.

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“We are just carrying on,” says a dejected Ifthikhar Ul Hassan, father of 11-month-old Arhaan, who is suffering from congenital heart disease and needs an urgent open heart surgery.

“We had admitted him in the hospital last week because he was suffering from high fever. He was given medication and was fine post that. But the fevers returned and we rushed him to the hospital again where he was admitted for 4-5 days. That’s when the doctors discovered that Arhaan has a hole in his heart. We are devastated,” he adds.

Hassan reveals that Arhaan’s health is deteriorating by the day and he requires an urgent surgery. “He vomits whatever he eats on a daily basis. He suffers from high fevers and is beginning to grow weaker. He has lost a lot of weight and the doctors keep saying that he needs the surgery right away.”

But how does Hassan go ahead without funds? “The doctors said that the open-heart surgery will require Rs. 5 lakh. And I don’t have that kind of money. I work in a clothing store as a helper and earn a meager Rs.12,000 per month through which I support Arhaan’s treatment and my wife,” he says.

Hassan further reveals that he has spent close to a lakh on Arhaan’s treatment till now through his savings. “I’m not in a position to manage more. Things are beginning to get so strenuous. I have to pay for Arhaan’s daily medication; he takes about 5-6 medicines each day.”

Apart from Arhaan’s physical health, his mental state is getting affected too. “He simply sits in one corner, as he’s too weak to do anything. He keeps crying and it gets incredibly difficult to feed him all those medicines every day. We either have to distract him with toys, play with him or sing to him to calm him down. My wife is worried sick seeing her son in so much pain. She spends her days sitting next to him and running her hands through his hair, assuring him that everything will be fine,” adds a distressed Hassan.

“This is our first child and it breaks our heart to see him suffer like this. We are praying that he gets his heart surgery soon and begins leading a normal life again.”

The family has started a fundraiser on Impact Guru. Any contribution from your side will help them in these difficult times. You can help Ifthikhar save his son’s life by donating here.

Disclaimer: This article is written by Social Squared Ventures Inc. Republic TV has published this article on humanitarian considerations after carrying out basic due diligence as to the genuineness of the fund raising process. An intending donor is requested to visit the fund raisers website, for more clarity and then contribute as per their free will and discretion.”


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