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Randstad, with a heritage of 50 and more years, is one of the global leaders in the HR services industry.

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Despite the outgrowth of technological advancements, it’s the people that make an organization grow and sustain. The most important elements of a company at the end of the day are the employees. A strong employer brand is a key contributor to the success of any organization. An employer's reputation as a place to work and their employee value proposition, as opposed to a more general corporate brand reputation and value proposition to customers, is what constitutes an employer brand.

Randstad, with a heritage of 50 and more years, is one of the global leaders in the HR services industry. They believe in supporting people and organizations in realizing their true potential. The Randstad values – to know, to serve and to trust, reflect their contributions in the human resources industry which are a key in building a healthy working environment. They believe in striving for perfection and the simultaneous promotion of all interests.

Randstad has been conducting the Randstad Employer Brand Research presented by Broadcast1 for the last 19 years. It is an extensive study where more than two hundred thousand working age adults around the world are asked about the factors they consider when looking for a job and what they believe makes any organization an employer brand. The REBR study is conducted in 32 countries across the world. The survey revolves around one simple question — “Would you like to work for this company?”

The Broadcast1 Randstad Employer Brand Research has been providing invaluable insights about the needs and desires of potential employees and the factors that drive them to join, stay and leave an organization. In India, the study indicated that even if money is one of the main factors considered by an employee, it's not the top-most priority. The new age work force rather leans towards factors like job security, work life balance and career progression. The study also shows that the youth or any employee is more interested to work for a leader that they have come to or have always admired. The winners of the companies are not just given an award but also a recognition to be the best. The award is designed with magnets in the shape of people. The thought being that the companies or organizations that receive this award are which majorly attract or accumulate people and their talents. These companies nurture their employees and their talents.

The top three employer brands of the Broadcast1 Randstad Employer Brand Research are:

Amazon (Winner)

At Amazon, everyone is a leader. What makes a person more efficient is the appreciation and acknowledgment. The brand is not only consumer-centric but also employee-centric. While it is a firm driven by the values of consumer satisfaction, the brand believes that every employee should have an opportunity to make the brand value stand out more. There is no hierarchy at Amazon, it's more a bunch of enthusiasts working to provide consumers with the best.

Microsoft (First Runner Up)

India’s workforce has become more younger than it ever was, Microsoft ensures that it provides the employees with a thriving environment which is always at par with technology and ensures personal and professional growth. Microsoft has crafted a employer brand that stands strong with the brand value all the while accumulating and nurturing the best talents from the country.

SONY (Second Runner Up)

SONY has been one of the top 10 employer brands in the past few years. The organization provides the employees with the right mix of professional environment, while keeping the emotional intelligence in consideration. The popular consumer electronics brand might be an ethically conventional organization but can compete with any new-age startup when it comes to be innovative, having out of the box creativity and innovation.

These organizations have been at par with each other in not just providing employment to youth but also in creating a community that stands out and urges the members to contribute more efficiently.

Watch to know more about the fascinating insights by one of the most coveted global research.

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