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With 15 Million Users, Koo App Poised For A New Phase Of Growth

As a multi-lingual micro-blogging platform, Koo drives inclusivity by breaking language barriers & providing a platform for Indians to express themselves.


Image: Koo

Made-in-India social media platform - Koo - is scaling new heights by propagating inclusivity and erasing language barriers. The micro-blogging platform, which empowers Indians to converse and engage digitally in their mother tongue, has recently scaled new heights. Within a mere 20 months since its launch in March 2020, the platform has successfully accumulated over 15 million users, including several eminent personalities. It is poised to reach 100 million downloads in the coming year.

This growth in user base reflects the platform’s unique value proposition – democratising the voice of Indians by enabling them to express themselves on social media in their native language, without necessitating English translations. Unlike global networking products with features designed primarily for English speakers, users on the Koo App can express, connect, and engage in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Assamese, Gujarati, besides English.

Being a multi-lingual platform, Koo App has niche communities across the nine languages currently available on the platform. A user can explore and engage with people of eminence from his/ her linguistic community such as celebrities, artists, leaders; and celebrate unique cultural and festive flavours associated with their region, on the platform. In addition to heralding distinct language communities, the platform’s innovative features allow real-time auto-translation of a message into multiple native languages, while retaining the context and sentiment attached to the original message. This amplifies a content creator’s outreach beyond his/ her linguistic community, thereby enhancing the scope of engagement with a larger audience.

Koo boasts over 4,000 eminent verified profiles. This includes 16 Chief Ministers and several renowned names from sports, arts, entertainment, politics, and spirituality; all of whom are actively engaging with their respective communities in native languages, as well as reaching out to a larger audience base by leveraging the platform’s multi-lingual offerings. As downloads accelerate, the Koo App is strengthening its product offering to manage scale with continuous feature enhancements and provide an immersive language experience. 

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