LIVE: BJP Produces Yeddyurappa's Letters To Karnataka Governor In Supreme Court, Even As Congress-JD(S) MLAs Reached Hyderabad. Updates Here

Election Controversies

The Supreme Court is hearing the Congress-JD(S)' petition seeking the Karnataka Governor's invitation to Yeddyurappa to form a government to be declared void.

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Update at 12:08 pm: 

Update at 12:00 pm: Here's what Abhishek Manu Singhvi said minutes after the Supreme Court's order 

"SC has delivered a historic verdict, many important directions have been given, one of them being that floor test has to be conducted at 4 pm tomorrow under a pro tem speaker," he said.

"Supreme Court also said that oath should be administered to all MLAs before the floor test tomorrow and BS Yeddyurappa cannot take any policy decisions until tomorrow. Supreme Court also said that member of Anglo-Indian community cannot be nominated," he further added.

Update at 11:45 am:

Yeddyurappa to not take any major policy decision before the floor test in his capacity as the chief minister.

Update at 11:39 am:

Supreme Court - Detailed hearing required to decide if the action of the Governor was valid in law or not. Since it may take substantial time and the final decision cannot be given immediately, we deem it proper that a floor test to ascertain the majority of one of the other is conducted immediately and without delay.

Supreme Court lists the following procedure to be followed - 

Pro tem speaker to be appointed.

All MLAs to take oath tomorrow.

Exercise to be completed before 4 pm

At 4 pm, Floor test to be conducted.

Supreme Court - The Governor had given 15 days for the floor test. However, giving regard to the circumstances, we think the floor test should be conducted tomorrow itself. Adequate security arrangements to be provided.

Update at 11:33 am: 

Floor test ordered at 4 pm on Saturday

Update at 11:30 am:

Jethmalani says the Governor has acted like a person who should be ashamed.

Justice Sikri - He is a high authority. We must respect him.

Rohatgi asks for floor test on Monday or Thursday. Court refusing.

Rohatgi - I have to get my flock together. Their people are locked up in Kochi.

Sibal - Why is he concerned about our people?

Rohatgi - It is easy for you to get them because you've locked them up. Not so easy for us to get our people

AG KK Venugopal asks for floor test to be done through secret ballot.

Update at 11:28 am:

Sibal asks for a pro-tem speaker to be appointed. Oath to be taken and immediately floor test to happen tomorrow itself.

Rohatgi - I am disputing the signatures of Congress members. Floor test will show how many signatures they really had. 

Rohatgi - House needs to be constituted. MLAs need to be called. They are sitting in Kochi. Pro-tem speaker needs to be appointed. Reasonable time needs to be given.

Rohatgi - Balance can't be one day. That is too excessive. It should be at least a week. People can come. They can freely vote. They can apply their mind. 

Jethmalani speaking. Says he is not appearing for a party. He is appearing as an individual. 

Update at 11:20 am:

Sibal - If BJP wants support, they will have to break the other party. Will this court support such constitutional immorality?

Chidambaram arrives in court.

ASG Tushar Mehta - The Governor received a letter from the Congress. Not a signed letter. They have just given the names downloaded from the EC website. They don't have the signatures.

Sibal - There was a resolution passed. Each member doesn't need to sign separately.

Update at 11:18 am:

Supreme Court assures Singhvi that it will order DGP to make proper arrangement for floor test on Saturday. 

Singhvi says Congress-JD(S) is ready for floor test tomorrow but we want adequate security for our MLAs

Update at 11:14 am:

Sibal argues for Kumaraswamy - There is no such thing as discretion of a constitutional authority

Singhvi says his side is ready for floor test. But it should happen tomorrow itself. Final decision by court not taken yet.

Singhvi says Yes to floor test tomorrow.

Justice Sikri says the choice for Congress right now is between the devil and the deep sea.

Singhvi - BJP is saying 'Give me some time. I will manufacture a majority.' They give no names. No details. No signatures.

Update at 11:08 am:

Justice Sikri: Issue has to be decided. Let us have the floor test and issue on question of law will be decided later here.

Singhvi says election is one part but who gets invite first is a completely different ball game. We know what happens when a minority support base party gets invite to form government. It will kill democracy.

Update at 11:06 am:

Singhvi arguing. Says Yeddyurappa claimed to be the single-largest party even before the election was called.

Update at 11:02 am:

(Supreme Court shows inclination to hold a floor test within 24 hours.)

(Singhvi takes instructions from his party on what they want the SC to do.)

Update at 11:00 am:

Justice Sikri - There are 2 alternatives. We can hear at length whether single-largest party should be called for or a post-poll alliance. Second alternative is a floor test tomorrow itself where we give no time to anyone.

Update at 10:58 am:

Justice Sikri - If there was a pre-poll alliance there would have been no problem.

Post-poll alliance is keep below the single party. Reason is that the two parties joining together have lesser than the single party and while voting the voting the did not know that the parties will come together. Will of the people is important.

Update at 10:56 am:

Rohatgi - If the Governor exercises his discretion, then the final test is on the floor.

Justice Sikri - Only question is who enters the arena first.

Justice Sikri - No dispute that as per Sarkaria Commission the party with the largest number should be called to form the government. But there is a numbers game,

Update at 10:53 am:

Rohatgi quotes the letter by Congress and JD(S). Shows Congress' list of MLAs. Contains 80 members. Last 2 are independent. They have shown people who have signed. But some have not signed. Anand Singh has not signed.

Update at 10:50 am:

Mukul Rohatgi, appearing for BJP - Mandate is for change. Mandate is 95% close to the finish line.

There is an apprehension I will not get majority. I have names 

Mukul Rohatgi says there was no need for BSY to give names of all MLAs to Governor as he is ready to prove majority on the floor of House.

Update at 10:49 am:

Justice Sikri: They have given a letter with signatures of the MLAs. This is a situation where two parties are bringing signatures and one party is only claiming.

Rohatgi: This is where the discretion of the Governor comes in. 

Update at 10:48 am:

Rohatgi - Members are being taken to resort. They are being threatened. I don't want to disclose names but we have the support

Update at 10:47 am:

Dinesh Gundu Rao (in Hyderabad): Let the SC verdict come out. We all are together. Even our flights were cancelled by the central govt so you can think what kind of govt we have where we cannot move freely.

Mukul Rohatgi (in SC): There was no pre-poll alliance. This is an unholy alliance. Yeddyurappa has said he has the majority and will prove it on the floor of the house.

Update at 10:46 am:

Rohatgi - Second letter dated May. Thanks the Governor for inviting him.

Rohatgi - Letter says people have elected our party. I am confident we will prove a majority on the floor of the house. I have support.

Rohatgi - First letter dated May 15. Says we are the largest party. No pre-poll alliance. We can form the government. We will prove in floor test. (Refers to Bommai judgment)

(Copy of the letters submitted to court and the petitioner - Congress-JD(S))

Rohatgi says he has the letters.

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